College burnout

Today I had a really hard time getting out of bed, which is kind of usual for me but today I just realized that it’s getting kind of old and it’s not ok.

I’ve been taking my college classes for a while now- started in September or the last week of August. I do see that it is not like high school at all but right now I am feeling kind of stuck.

I really thought that I would be into what I’m learning and my classes- I mean I’m paying for it right? That must give me some kind of boost?

Well it’s not really.

I’ve been kind of panicking because I fell behind on reading my textbooks and I started thinking well if I’m going to have a job in a field where I need to know these things shouldn’t it be essential for me to read the book and not just skim? Shouldn’t I be remembering everything?

I don’t really know if college is my thing right now. I know school hasn’t been my thing since eighth grade but I thought college would give me the boost I needed.

I’ve been at a point where I get home from work or school and I just want to relax. It’s like I haven’t just relaxed for a long time but I have- it’s like I waste so much time but I’m just so tired and I just want to relax.

I got my medication changed and my doctor calls it a “pick me up” so I hope it does help. I just feel like I’m really behind and currently I’m unsure if this is even what I want to follow through with.

I love helping people. I want to help people. But maybe this wasn’t the right degree for me…

I know Dan and Casey help people but they don’t have an actual degree in helping people but that’s like everyone here or at least a majority of us.

Maybe I made a mistake? Maybe I’m just wasting money and time? I don’t know.

I really wish I knew what path to take.

Hey friend! I’m sorry you are starting to feel burned out by College. I’m not there yet so I can’t relate a whole lot. Have you thought about taking a semester off to see what else is available to you? I wish you best of luck bud, I know you’ve got this!

Hi @Lys

I will admit I have been there myself a few times and I am kinda experiencing something similar to what you are going through. Go at a pace that works for you. Focus on what you think is important. Sometimes teachers make study guides and other times you might have to make study guides and that is okay. It’s okay to take periodic breaks as you are studying or if you get home from work and school and need a moment to recharge that is perfectly okay. I think as a whole every university student feels like they are behind no matter what you are studying. Also, you don’t need to a degree to help people just be willing to make a difference. Have you talked to a counselor about any of this? They have heard it multiple times and will not judge and want to see you accomplish your goals. Overall, ask yourself why you started and why you want to go in the field that you do. It’s not easy but anything worth doing rarely is. Do what you think is best and know that everyone here cares and wants to see you succeed. Keep hanging in there you are awesome.

I know when I went to school there was a department where you could get notes from other students by picking them up when you need them.

Also see if there are any students that are willing to get together after school to read & study.