Comparing myself to others again

I fell for it again…
I was watching a Twitch streamer who I look up to, and she raided someone who is just so awesome that it just hit me like a ton of bricks that I will never be that good. And again I fell for that pit of comparing myself to others today instead of comparing myself to who I was yesterday. I know I shouldn’t, but because I have such a low self-image (and I know I do) I just keep doing it.
But this time is the first time I caught myself doing it, and though it still hurts and I hate myself right now, I now know I shouldn’t, and that helps.

So I guess this is my little gift to you and for the time being I am crawling back under my rock until this hurt stops…
Don’t compare yourself to others, but strive to be a little better you each day.

Martin / ThatOldDutchGuy

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@thatolddutchguy1 Hey man thank you for sharing

Glad you caught yourself putting yourself down and remembering to strive for bettering yourself.

Remember There will always be someone better than you… the important people to notice are the lows who are struggling. Find someone that you can mentor and help and give your knowledge to. I am doing that right now with a friend. It helps me notice where I need to grow and where I want others to grow also. I begin to ignore how others may have it better than I do. Reflect on the what you can learn and use it every day.

If you stream what is your twitch i will give you a follow!

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I’m under ThatOldDutchGuy. I sing as well as draw, sometimes game, and hope to start on keyboard and looping soon. Starting that takes a lot of courage, because it’s a steep learning curve.

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Thanks for your advice. I know from experience its just hard to compare yourself with others. As you did but you bought yourself up. I usually tear me down. I feel you I also have a low self image which affects my self confidence and esteem.

So welldone

I am currently copying something to here that is about that self-critiquing… When I’m finished I’ll add the link to this message. :slight_smile: