Confused in life

This has been a issue for me for while but recently I have been thinking about it more and I just need to vent. I havent been religious for a while now but I have thought about whether there is a higher power and how I can talk to him or her but then part thinks that is silly and no one would listen or that this “religious” stuff is a farce I just feel like something is lacking in my life.

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Hey @Unspoken3002,

It sounds like you know you want to investigate this more, but are a little hesitant to. Know that you can simply talk to God. I would encourage you to try doing that and while you are talking, try and also listen. I know it might sound strange or feel odd, but we don’t need a specific process or person to go through in order to talk to God which is so great! So maybe start with that as a first step into this process of wanting to know more?

Hannah Rhodes

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its okay to ask questions. I think August Burns Red, a Christian band, has a song where they scream about asking questions about your faith. I have struggled with doubt and I have found most peace when I ask questions and look for the answers. I know this might not be very helpful, but I just want you to know it’s okay to be unsure. God is still there for you through it all. And like Hannah said, he is always there for you to ask questions to when you need.


Thank you yea that’s one of reason why I have been more thinking about it lately and I have been reading his book. What if I ask god and I don’t hear anything back

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Yea my biggest thing is I’m unsure where to start and what I hear nothing in return

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I can understand that, it is hard to know where to start at first. I would suggest reading through the four gospels. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I feel those are a good place to start. As far as hearing nothing in return when talking with God, it doesn’t mean He isn’t listening. He is always listening which is comforting! I would encourage you to pray for your heart to receive His word and what it is He wants for you.

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Jake Luhrs and Matt Greiner are the only Christians in ABR. I am not sure about the other members, but they are great musicians. I do question about my faith. Some of them didn’t get answered, but I’m okay. Trusting God is what I know.


Thank you for sharing. I’m glad you care. You want something meaningful in your life. Something you need the most. I was in a similar spot years ago until I decided to give my life to God. I encourage you to pray to God in a private place. This is yours. Not mine or anyone. If you want to share more, this forum is open. We are here with you and for you.

Thank you so much I appreciate the advice