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I feel lonely all the time and I don’t know what to do.


Well depending on your age range I can offer different answers.

If you are young enough to live with your parents:
Summer can be rough but once school starts up again you can join school clubs
Online games / communities are available year round
Neo Pets is good for basically everyone
Kingdom of Loathing is fine for 13 & up
Twitch is chill for 18 & up

If you are 18+
Your local library & community center will have event postings
If you are in college joining clubs is good there too
there are also non-college clubs you can join depending on your location like the USA has the Rotary Club to name one but there are MANY groups for adults to join if they have free time.

If you are 21+
Bars and dance clubs are in most large cities.

Whatever your age, think of a group activity that you enjoy and there is probably some form of public meet up for that.

If you have a local game store you can see if they have events.

Weather in person or online there is no need to feel alone, there are too many people in the world to be overly worried if any specific individual(s) don’t want to spend time with you, roll on and try talking to someone else.


Hey I do feel you on that one and stuck when no one is around for you. But the good thing is that you talkinv about here an let it out.

However, start with small step as simply like going to resturant or store, talking to clients at those place where you can get some soical interaction. You can also try Meet up which is a great website to meet people. Do the the hobbies that you passion about and you can meet people throught that.

Also, being alone is not excatly a bad things, its show that you have independent and you should not always relay happness on other people. But what you looking for romanic parnter or a friends there always some where you can belong.

stay Postive!

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