Coping with frustration

It’s not a hidden fact that I have no idea how to handle my emotions. And today everything is just getting so much. I’m being blamed for things that aren’t my fault, my dogs are just being sick all over the shop, doctors have no idea why I’m in the pain I’m in and won’t boost my appointment. Not to mention that my dad is just still being abusive about my need to start work later etc. I don’t know how I feel about things other than frustrated. I have no idea about emotions or feelings do not only can I just not handle this but I can’t even identify the other feelings.
I’m so done with today. I don’t even know whether any of this makes sense. I’m literally just writing words and hoping it makes a sentence. Sorry


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Hi Kayla,

I am sorry you are going through a tough time! Life is so hard and its rough. I go through so many emotions too so I can relate to how you feel. I don’t know if you have tried this or if you are willing to, but I have found making a list of things that are bothering me or things to work on and I also write a plan of action with this list. Life is soooo hard and it feels like everything is against us. But you are strong and you can take control of the situation.

Love you, Kayla. I responded to your other post so you already know that I am here if you need. Just let me know what I can do to help.