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Could use some help with trying to make a list

I don’t know if this is posted in the right section and I’m sorry if it’s not, but I feel like I can use some help.
I’ve been struggling with self-harm for a long time and somewhere in the last month I had decided that it might be time to make a list of things that help whenever I feel like I need to harm. Things that I can ask other people to remind me of or can tell me in order to make that peak of wanting to harm less long or less in the focus.
The problem is: I don’t think about making that list till the next time I feel like harming again… and even worse: I don’t know where to start. So I guess I could use some help with this?
How can I get started and how do I know if it will work?
Also feel free to tell me if I’m not clear enough with the request…


Hey friend.

To start the list off…go over things you enjoy doing the most and bullet point them on a piece of paper.
Top suggestion even though it is the pandemic season…place yourself in a public setting where you know the people around. Try not to seclude yourself when you feel the need to harm…I know it sounds hard cause I have been there when the urge hits at 2am.
Create some positive distractions that you can undergo whenever the urge comes…the internet and YouTube are great places to inspire ideas.
Keep reaching out to your friends and family and this wall. Do not be afraid to be vulnerable.

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Hey friend, one thing I do when I reach out to my friends or family when I need encouragement is to ask questions like “what’s something you think I’m good at” or “what’s one of our best memories together” and things like that. Most of the time the answers are a bit of a surprise in the good way.

Also checkout where you can find the book Re-Wire which is about self harm and growing from it.


thank you for your response. I’m already working through Re Write, so that is something that is already taken care of. Thank you for suggesting it though.
It’s not really encouragement I’m looking for when I’m stressed or want to harm. I just close off and the only thing I want is pain, but I need to find a way to get through that, you know? without giving in to that urge to hurt myself.

Thank you for taking the time to respond though

hey @blacklink13x

Thank you for your suggestions. unfortunately I’ve also harmed when I was around people and people I knew well as well. I just made sure that no one could see me doing it. I don’t need sharp things to hurt myself. People have caught me as well, but maybe that was because they already knew I was struggling with it… but yeah if I really want to hurt, I can do it without people noticing… which is something I’m kind of ashamed to admit… and also you don’t want to wake up someone at 2 am admitting that you are having such a hard time and are scared to go to bed because you don’t know what you’ll do in your sleep…
searching on youtube was not something I thought about so I might do that this week, thank you for that. and thank you so much for your response

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