Currently went through with my divorce my wife kic

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From oliverbarbosa15: Currently went through with my divorce, my wife kicked me out and got pregnant by another man. I lost my car and my place to live. Struggling with going through my transition as a trans man not being recognized in society and struggling with my work in emergency room psych😓 Focusing on trying to better myself everyday. #heartsupport #mentalhealth #laceysturm

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My goodness friend you are going through a lot right now arent you? I am glad you have found HeartSupport as whatever else, you are not alone. Are you personally seeing anyone with regards to any of what you are dealing with at present? I would highly recommend reaching out to someone, that is so much to take on any one persons shoulders.
It is lovely to know you have a focus each day. no one can ask more than that from you. I hope that moving forward everything starts to look brighter and everything you wish for comes to fruition. We are here for you when ever you need us. Lisa. x

Oh Oliver, this is so much to deal with. I’m sorry that you have been facing so many obstacles in your life lately - obstacles that are on top of it significant life changes. My heart goes out to you as you try your best to navigate these challenges and process the heavy emotions it generates. I can only imagine how lonely and isolating it must feel for you right now. Just to deal with this succession of rejections and losses - as if the world and the people you trust were just constantly working against you. It’s so hard to feel like we belong when we are constantly given signs that make us feel like we wouldn’t. It’s like moving against forces that are taking more and more of your energy. Hard to find a way to “fit” appropriately when it seems that nothing is ever enough for it, and that people around you don’t seem to accept you. The level of betrayal and hurt is high, and I wish you didn’t have to go through all of this.

For what it’s worth from a stranger on the internet, I’m personally PROUD of you for trying, for being here today, and for opening up about what you’ve been going through. You’ve been faced with so many intense challenges, and in those circumstances it’s easy to feel like we would need to hide and isolate as much as possible… just because the world would be too hurtful and dangerous. Just because it gets hard to trust others with ourselves. But isolation isn’t safe, especially when we feel the most uvlnerable. These are all reasons that make the vulnerability you express here even more commendable, beautiful and precious. You do belong. So freaking much!

My hope for you is that you can see how worthy you are of love and care - despite the losses, despite the pain and hurt you’ve been carrying. For life to finally start giving you those needed signs and expressions of LOVE. I believe in you so very much and in your ability to make it through this rough season. You are not defeated, friend, and there is so much more to experience moving forward - so much more healing, restoration, and hopefully closure too.

If you need share more about any of it, please feel welcomed to do it here. Even if we are not present physically, you are certainly not alone. :heart: