Daily struggle my whole life even today at 38

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Daily struggle my whole life, even today at 38.

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I’m so sorry to hear about these feelings you’re having, it must feel so exhausting to be constantly feeling so much. The truth is, life can be a struggle. Life is never going to be perfect, but it will be good. So, so incredibly good. I would love for you to keep talking with us about the trials you’re facing. This is a safe space where you are loved and will be supported immensely. You are so strong and so resilient. We are all here for you at HeartSupport. <3


Hi friend, I’m so glad you reached out for support. It can be extremely wearying to continue persevering through life’s difficulties without at least some remission of the struggle. I have personally found so much extra endurance in sharing my burdens with a small group of trusted friends who love and care about me. Perhaps there are some people in your life who you would be willing and able to confide in?
I hope and pray you experience some relief from these daily struggles–all of us at HeartSupport are rooting for you!


Hey friend, thank you so much for commenting and opening up about this. It takes a lot of courage to say “I’m not okay”, especially to strangers like us. Rest assured that your vulnerability and honesty are seen here as a gift. Thank you for allowing us to know you better and to see beyond a mask that we often feel forced to wear in our daliy life.

I feel the heaviness through your words, and there is no doubt that looking back and seeing all the pain must feel so discouraging and heartbreaking at times. It is so hard when life feels like a continuum of struggles with no real moment to catch your breath. It feels like being forced to run on full speed all the time and having no right to rest. While you see others and how they - seem - to live better lives, to be happier and feeling like they belong. On your side, you see yourself being met repeatedly with this heaviness and darkness that you never asked for. In the midst of helplessness and hopelessness, it becomes easy to ask ourselves why we are met with so much adversity, yet not finding any real answer. It feels unfair to carry on with you this baggage of pain, to see time passing through and to keep wondering what could help.

Of course, I don’t know what you have been struggling with specifically, but I can relate to what you have shared here - this sensation of carrying on every day with the same struggles and repeating the same story of disappointment one day after another. I hope that, despite all of this, you will keep pushing through and seeking support as this is about you, your story - and oh my friend you matter so very much .You deserve to feel like having control again over your own joy. There is more to this life, even if it might be hard to see it right now. :heart: