Day (I stopped counting)

Today I have accomplished my list,I’m currently awaiting a tattoo arti… What a drafte I’ve had in here for weeks now… I’m also passed 90 days on being sober from alcohol. I’m working full-time. Driving. Accomplishing goals. I’m trying to be a little bit more social now that I am a little bit sober and interested in Friends who are the same as me. I figured I’d give it a shot to try to put myself out there on some online dating sites but that’s kind of a fall short of a spam catfish trying to do other stuff. (If you catch my drift). I’m also embarking on my fifth step of alcoholics anonymous. I think I’m ready to tell my story to someone, also to tell them all of my wrongdoings in the exact nature of. I haven’t posted in a while I’ve been super super busy. But I have not forgot about you guys. I’m still very grateful for this platform and I promote this a lot towards mental illness people who are suffering as well in my fellowship. I’m grateful this is here try to get some more stuff in here but I figured I’d just say that I stopped counting days now. Love you all. And remember to prepare for darkness while traveling in sunlight.


Thank you for the thoughtful update. Good luck with the dating sites. The AA part is great, because there’s always an opportunity for mutual support.

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Hello Ryan,
thank you for sharing this wonderful progress you are beeing in.
Even little steps matter, you are doing great in my eyes.
You can be very proud of yourself, i am proud of you ! We are !
Have a wonderful day and feel hugged my friend,


To stop counting days can be such a huge mark of progress! It’s a step further towards freeing yourself from something that was controlling your life before, to allowing yourself to make decisions regarding the space you want to let it have in your mind or not now. It’s so good to hear about all of these updates and how thoughtful you are regarding the steps you’re taking! It could be tempting to try to deal with EVERYTHING in your life, ALL of your needs at once, but you keep it as a steady process made of plenty of steps. Once again it’s so inspiring to see how much you are in tune with your current needs and how much you respect your own pace, without ever bargaining on your sense of accountability.

Please know there’s no pressure regarding the need to post here – it’s ALWAYS a pleasure to see you whenever you can, you are part of this online fam’ whether you’re busy or around more often. The door is always open! :hrtlegolove: