Dear friend again

Damn I’m still very anger at my ex friend that left me. I wish write this to her, but it would be wrong. I try my very best to forgive her, but left me behind. She doesn’t ever care, I could end my life and she wouldn’t shed a tear. Everything was a lie. I want to write to her, but she just hate me more. But want her to feel like shit. I’m so hurt by her, I wish she would feel at least sorry for me. Or at least appreciate me. But she never will……

“Dear so called friend”

You can just walk away so easily, because all you best friends. Because I’m no use to you, everything you told me was fucking lie. How was one of your close friend, how I meant something to you. I drove two hours to see you, because I though cool friend, that skates, and into same stuff as me. However, I had to develop feelings for you. I don’t why I love people that just fucking hurt me. You complain how you boyfriend or the guys you like don’t give attention. But then I gave you my love, you just play me.

To fair, I understand you did not have those feelings for me. It wrong to think this way, I fucking should be better than this. Because I have nothing against your boyfriend. Damn, I can’t believe I’m thinking, wanting to fight me. My own selfish has taken over.

You did not have to be my lover, but why did you have to end the friendship. You said, you never leave me. You reason why I think about suicide,I think you everyday fucking day. I can’t get you out my head. But I bet you don’t even remember my face. You don’t care if I end my life tonight. You don’t care that my auntie is dying a slow death. You don’t care I’m all alone on weekend nights. You don’t care how much damage you cause me. You don’t care, that my heart ache for you and don’t care if was dying on street or get end my life.

I’m going lie, if I saw you living on n the street, I would not give you a helping hand. You lost all my respect, never call you my friend. I know who you truly are, your are reminder that will never get close to people. I hope you freaking ruin your life.

( I’m sorry I had to post on here, I’m trying not do something stupid.)


Keep posting here and get those feelings out, tell us how you’re feeling.
Stay strong friend, I know this is really hard.

I know the urge is there, but keep fighting it. And post about it here instead. You matter to us and we care about you. Keep using your dbt skills, keep trying to work through.
It will get easier with time. It may not feel like that right now, but it will.


Hey there @Metalskater1990,

I know this breakup has been such a tough experience, but I’m glad that you are managing this in a healthy way by letting some of the emotions out by writing here. These wounds can take so much time and grief to heal, but these pains can be mitigated by time; things will get better.

I’m also so sorry to hear that your aunt isn’t doing well. That sounds like such a painful experience and I’m wishing you and your aunt all the best.

You’re valued and we’re glad that you’re sharing with us. Please don’t hesitate to post again in the future; we’re here for you!

<3 Tuna


First, don’t be sorry. You’re reaching out for help, and it takes great strength to take that first step!

Second, I hear you, and I know it’s hard. Friendships are hard, social lives are hard, the ground you end up crying on is hard, everything. But don’t give up. Like @Sita said, keep posting here- get your feelings out. Rant, yell, weep- whatever it takes, I’m here for you. I care- even if your ex-friend cares, or doesn’t, me and so many others are here, willing to listen.

Loving people is part of being human. “You can’t help what your heart longs for…” If you recognize this quote, I’ll be very embarrassed but it’s true- you can’t. It’s what makes you human, what lets you pass the bot verification and click that check mark. Don’t beat yourself up for it, okay?

Sending support and hugs!
:blue_heart: Krymmenos


Honestly, I think it’s a good place here to vent out your frustrations. Your feelings are valid, and you deserve a place like here not only to journal your heart out, but also gain support from everyone here. I am so sorry your ex friend did that to you, and hopefully you can heal from that experience soon. We’re here to help and provide resources if you feel that might help you benefit further with healing from this heartbreak you’re experiencing. You are valued, you are loved, and you matter.

Take care, I’m hoping for the best for you.

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