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Depressed about Covid19

Hey, Older guy here. Tired of being locked at home just to continue living due to Covid19.


I’ll probably say nothing new, but sooner or later a desease of some kind would have spread. And we are just lucky, that it happened in the decade, when we literally have access to everything via internet. The only thing that’s left - is to wait. Although, in my country, for example, people don’t give a damn anymore. Crowds everywhere, no masks… That’s really frustrating. And by sitting at home you just saved someone’s life (maybe your own). That’s quite a thing.

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I agree. It is bad though that america is so embarrassing in the way we have handled this crisis. Our leadership is lacking. Thanks for your reply.

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From: frostbiters

I totally understand what you mean. We’re all here for you, and we will all get through this together. Someday soon we’ll be back outside with nothing to fear, just keep your head up buddy, we got this!

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Hey Balki! First of all welcome to the community & thanks for posting on the forums!

I definitely understand what you mean about being locked at home. It’s tough to go a complete 180 in a matter of a weeks like we did in the US. And now to see other people not taking it seriously is just as discouraging, especially knowing that it might mean this lasts longer than it has to… I’m in Texas and it just blows my mind that people aren’t more pro-active about protecting themselves and their loved ones.

Know that you are not alone, and your feelings are very valid! Like Frost said, we will get through this together, hang in there.

I sure feel alone and I am basically a loner anyway. The leadership in this country is at fault for this terrible handling of this pandemic. We need a national plan to combat this pandemic like other countries who have in the past looked to us for leadership have done with good results.

I guess we all are in this together but it feels to me like we are all in this together in many different ways depending on how old or what position or color you are. So the together part is really pretty much no matter what position you are in that condition has been made worse by the Federal responses unless you are in the top tier of wealth and are getting richer off this debacle. If things continue this way I can only see things getting much worse with increased death and financial collapse unparalleled in this countries history. (OK pretty dramatic but…)