I’m feeling so depressed. I have low energy. I have to do the laundry before my mom gets home in 2 hours. My family is going out tonight to celebrate my dad’s birthday.

I don’t wanna do anything. I don’t wanna leave the bed. I feel so unhappy.

Nothing specific happened. I guess this is just life when ur bipolar. I went out to the movies 2 days ago, I felt so emotional for absolutely no reason. I seriously hate my life

I know this topic is so vague. It’s vague because absolutely nothing happen yet I feel like a wreck mentally. Most days I wanna break down and cry


Hey Stuck

I relate to low energy a lot. Fatigue is a huge problem for me. Hopefully you get your laundry done in time. Maybe going out and celebrating will at least give you something to pass some time. So that you can get better rest when back in bed.

I also can relate to having negative emotions for seemingly no reason. I think the thing that has helped me the most is trying to find the things that I am passionate about, and trying to push through those things in a routine on a regular basis to keep myself busy.

It’s okay to be vague, and it’ okay to feel the way you feel. Sometimes it also helps me to just accept myself the way I am, and know that it’s okay to be that way. Regardless of what the people who don’t understand think. Crying isn’t always a bad thing either.

Hope your day gets better. <3

It’s so hot which isn’t helping. I am literally sweating while doing minimal activity. I managed to start the laundry and I’m baking a vegan coffee cake at the moment, it’s in the oven. I want to pig out on cake right now but I’m tracking what I eat and I’m tracking my workouts because I’m trying to lose weight and not binge.

It took a lot out of me to bake and start the laundry and my tooth hurting and my head hurting is not helping at all. At the moment I’m just laying down with the AC on but I wish I could lay here all day because I really don’t want to do anything

I also view crying as unhelpful because I generally don’t feel good to begin with and crying just dehydrates you. It causes me headaches and in the end I don’t even feel any better. I actually end up feeling worse

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Hello, thank you for sharing here. It must be hard dealing with mental breakdowns, especially when there isn’t a specific reason. I’m just wondering, do you get support for your bipolar?

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Not really. Meds don’t work for me. I’ve been on many. I also go to therapy but it’s more of an overall thing than a bipolar thing

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I hear you, so it’s just the accumulation of everything then. That can get pretty overwhelming. How do you try to cope with all of this?


I just lay in bed feeling tired and my brain is filled with all kinds of thoughts. Sometimes I criticize myself wondering why I just can’t be normal, I start thinking about how long I have left to live, sometime my therapist pops in my head, etc…

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What kind of thoughts are you thinking about? It’s not your fault you’re feeling this way, it’s okay to need help and we’re here for it <3. When your therapist pops up, what do you think about?


I think about getting run over by a train.
When I first started therapy it used to be a bus, then a cliff then a car and since I’ve met my ex, it ended up being a train.

My ex lives in another country then me and he works on trains and there have been many instances while we were dating that he had to deal with fixing up a train that somebody jumped in front of. Since then, the imagery of the train hasn’t left my mind. The number one thing that I fear with attempting suicide is failure. I do not want to fail and make my life worse than it already is so I’m always thinking of ways where I could be successful. My therapist knows that in my ideal world, assisted suicide is an option I want. Less chances of failure. He’s told me that deep down, he doesn’t think I want to kill myself, he says the thought is something that brings me comfort when life is messy and uncontrollable. I agree with the fact that it’s a comfortable thought but I don’t agree with him saying that it’s not something I want deep down.

Another thought that comes to mind is when I feel lonely. The relationship with my ex was the first serious relationship I’ve ever had and I had to end it cuz we saw two different futures for ourselves and it was a very painful decision that I had to make. I made it out of love and my ex didn’t see it that way and ended up blocking me on everything and I still haven’t been able to forgive myself even a year later since we’ve separated.

Since I’m not in that manic mindset at the moment, I can’t remember the thoughts that come to mind when I think of my therapist. It’s usually along the lines of journaling, distracting myself, him telling me to go out with friends when I’m invited and to not be cooped up in the house alone. When I’m thinking about my ex, I remember my therapist telling me how he didn’t like him because of the way my ex treated me. I only ever saw the good things and ignored all the bad.

I’m sorry if this reply doesn’t answer your questions. It’s hard to remember what I do when I’m not in that specific mindset anymore. I tend to only remember bits and pieces so it’s a bit messy. Also I think a million miles a second so it’s a lot and when I try to tell others what thoughts I’m having, I have to go on many tangents just to explain the context

I also think of my family and how restricted I feel in who I can date, how I can date, and whether I can live my ideal life while also not disappointing my parents.

In our last session my therapist and I talked about how no matter what I do, I will end up disappointing my family and that is a fact that I need to come to Terms with. For context, my parents are from a different culture and I was raised in a different culture so our point of views are vastly different.

I am such a people pleaser and a pushover and I hate that about myself. Yes I stand up for things but I usually don’t have a backbone

I also feel very broken like why can’t I just be a normal functioning person


Hey thank you so much for sharing and replying to my message. It sounds a lot has been going on, especially with the situation with your ex. I’m sorry they didn’t understand your intentions. It’s not something you can control and it’s not your fault at all. It sounds like it was a once sounded relationship and you don’t deserve that <3 .

In terms of your suicidal thoughts, that’s really heavy things you’re thinking about and I’m thinking if you could mention it to your therapist. Maybe they can have an action plan in place for you in case things get really bad <3. Does journaling usually help?

Everything you’ve mentioned doesn’t indicate that you aren’t a normal functioning person, you’re just struggling with a lot and that’s okay. You need help and there’s nothing wrong with that. We all need help, some more than others and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. There are a lot of issues you need to process and that takes times. Try taking it easy and don’t be so hard on yourself luv <3