Depression and situation

The last few months have been rough. I lost my partner, job and apartment and had to move in with my parents (who are going through bankruptcy rn) I also recently became disabled because of a terrible person in my life. i don’t have a lot of friends, and my hands shake so much its hard to draw, which is the only thing that makes me happy right now. My depression and anxiety have been getting really bad and ive relapsed into self medicating and self harm. I don’t know how to get out of here and if it doesn’t get better idk how much longer ill be here

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Hi friend, thanks for reaching out.

It’s so sad to hear things aren’t going great for you. However, there’s so much to live for, even if you don’t see it right now.

While doing your best to find a new job (work is one of the best remedies to depression), you should concentrate on the things you love most. First of all, drawing. I know it’s pretty hard for you as your hand isn’t helping, but if something makes you happy, just do it even if it’s hard.

Also don’t forget to leave toxic people out! They’re not worth your time and pain.

Hold fast, we love you

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Hey @Kynya - Sheesh, life is sure trying to beat you down and although it doesn’t feel like you can catch a break, you will get through this. Take everything one step at a time. As cheesy at it sounds, it’s true. If you try to do everything at once, you’ll experience a lot of anxiety. Step by step you’ll get back on your feet and push back against the world. You’re strong and we believe in you!

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