Depression comes in all forms

Depression comes in all forms and when you meet someone who masks it really well you won’t be able to tell. Let me tell you my story…I have always had a bubbly personality, very approachable, easy to talk to, outgoing, fun. When you look at me you don’t see someone who is depressed but I am; i have been diagnosed with major depression. Growing up I have seen somethings I shouldn’t have within my own family, I’ve been through traumatic things in my life. My depression isn’t just being sad or unmotivated it’s deeper than that, I get suicidal thoughts and before you ask or wonder yes I have attempted I was about 28/29 and no I have not attempted since. I don’t talk about myself or let others in when I’m having a problem I’ve always dealt with things on my own but this time I can’t seem to get out of it. I am taking the steps to seek professional help and I will be taking antidepressants I will get back to my normal self. I’m not asking for pity or sympathy that’s not what I want nor what I’m looking for it’s taking a lot for me to be open and honest not just with you but with myself too. I need all the love and support during this difficult time as I come to terms. Please check on your friends, make a date with them, let them know they are loved. I’m making you guys a promise and that I will get through this and will get better.



You are not alone, I believe in you. You are so loved. You are so important.

Keep fighting.


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The way you describe yourself in this post is exactly what life was like for me before HeartSupport. Everyone always saw me as this bubbly, fun, happy go lucky girl, but, behind closed doors, family abuse, bullying, self harm, addiction, suicide attempts. It’s so exhausting keeping up that mask, having to hide everything. I’m in a position where I’m struggling crazy bad, and because of that, my job is possibly on the line. I can’t show them I’m terrified of that, I have to act like I’m fine with whatever they decide and pretend things are getting better.
I dont have to do that here. Neither do you. Thank you for posting, I know how hard it is.

We love you.
We’re with you all the way.

Hold Fast