Depression is just consuming me

The past month I’ve attempted suicide 3 times. I feel like I’m worthless and unwanted by people. I try to improve my life but somehow my life just gets worse. A lot of the time I find myself thinking I’d be better off not here because no one would care or miss me anyways. Even tho I’m seeing a therapist on a weekly basis now I still have the thoughts of just ending it all because I’m not happy anymore.


Honestly I have felt the same. One day I’m full of mental strength then the next I’m ready to give up. No one can help you but yourself to be honest. I’ve been on meds and through 3 different physco therapist. You have to take stuff a minute at a time. Enjoy the little things in life. Like i enjoy drinking coffee blasting music and cleaning or working on my car. I distract my crazy mind. Keep your self going with interesting things. Don’t let this world win. Don’t let the bad thoughts win. Find strength to pick your self back up. Listen to times of grace or the album incarnate by Killswitch engage. Those lyrics from those albums have kept me alive.


I think you are worth it. I am here for you . Whenever!!! You are not alone


Adam, I am glad you are still here. Please be gentle with yourself. I would hate to see something terrible happen to you. You are important and valued in this place and we want you to be okay.

I hope that you are being open and honest with your therapist and letting them know where you are mentally. I know it’s really hard to but you need to so that they can best help you get the treatment and care you need.

When I was in a bad place, I told my therapist and we agreed that maybe checking into a hospital would be a good thing for me. Where I could be in a safe place. A place that is quiet and allows me to just breathe and recollect myself and have professionals that are nearby. It can be hard admitting that we may need help. But its a good thing and nothing to be ashamed of.

Please reach out to your therapist and express if you feel you may be in a dangerous state of mind.

Okay? I want to see you get through this. It can get better. We just have to take those steps and allow others to help us get back on track.

So much love to you

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Adam my heart goes out to you

But your explanation is too general we can’t help you too much if you don’t give us a detailed explanation of your problem.

But whatever it is you have to understand that suicide is a cowards way out. Dealing with problems is what makes us stronger in life not giving up when things get hard.

Not trying to jab at you but it’s the truth

And its what gives us the ability to move forward in life.

Thinking of you my friend <3

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