Depression is weird some times

I been feeling pretty good lately had a lot of good days where my head feels clear I feel like I’m connecting with people but I also worry this feeling will end any day now cuz of how it has in the past but who knows I’m very much just hoping it dosent it’s been a very long time since I felt this good


Hi my friend,
thank you for sharing.
Depression is a bitch so often and so many times. there are times where everything is going in the right direction,
all is going good and you feel good, and then boom, this dark cloud is there, following you again and again.
our mind is so complex and yet so simple. all we do, all we feel, all we process and everything we go through gets
into our brain, and we only have one. our brain is not really managing what is good and what is bad, it is one cup
we pour out of. that is why we also get overwhelmed by good things in our lives.
when many things are happening, it is often necessary that we also take care of ourselves. that it why we always
should watch our steps, and do one a time. too much at once can do too much damage on us.
take care my friend, you deserve that. you matter most and you are loved :purple_heart: feel hugged


Taking the time to really appreciate the good days increases the probability there will be more of them. When you are feeling okay and your head is clear, it’s not the time to worry about the possibility of feeling bad again. Worrying is where the spiraling begins. Instead, take advantage of the clarity to work out how you’ll respond to an emotional downturn.

Is it better to worry that it might rain? Rain happens. Instead of worrying, have an umbrella. Moods are cyclic, even in the most well-balanced person there is. It isn’t time to think about getting an umbrella when you’re already drenched. Similarly, it’s harder to climb out of a depressed state than it is to have well thought out coping strategies already in place.

Strengthen your “feel good” state by being grateful that you never have to feel so down again, because you’ve learned to sense such mood shifts without being devastated by them. I think part of it is saying, “I’ve felt good before, I’ll feel good again,” and “I feel down today, but I know it’ll pass.” Another thought is, “yeah, I feel down, but I no longer have to sink into despair.”

Moods are something like a large ship navigating a river. A gentle nudge of the wheel can keep it on course. A person who’s in touch with their feelings is more able to navigate them with with gentle encouragement before they get too problematic.


Yes, it’s incredibly scary to wonder “is this too good to be real?”, “it’s definitely going to stop at some point, but when?”, “can I actually enjoy this time knowing that it won’t last?”. Depression teaches us somehow that joy isn’t a permanent state, and how much sorrow and emptiness can be deep, hurtful experiences. It makes sense to not want it to happen again, and even more to fear that joy would only be a renewed mirage that we can’t pretend to embrace. You’ve expressed how difficult it can be to enjoy the present moment just as it is – somehow, the fear of what’s going to happen in the future is also contributing to our depressive thoughts and to sabotaging ourselves. It’s a real practice, a real challenge to embrace joy when it’s present in our life, through any shape. Little by little, you may need to rebuilt that trust in yourself, in your life, that joy is part of it, even though it may be fluctuating. The very fact that you can identify it and FEEL it is such a huge, huge mark of progress against depression. <3

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Hi Derpplup, thanks for sharing with us. I’m glad you are feeling good, and I understand your point of view. Depression is a tricky beast, that is for sure; past experiences tell us that the good times won’t last, and often this can trigger that exact outcome.

I hope you are getting some support with your struggle and will be able to work this through. Learning to live in the moment is critical to this. Enjoy the good days rather than look to what may come. With a positive outlook, who knows how long this bright spell will last?