Derealization and Anxiety

I am 18, and currently in College.
i have (un-diagnosed) anxiety, and believe that i experience Derealization at times.
I’ve had ‘social anxiety’ id say all my life, which makes interactions with people hard. Even when i want to talk to people i have a hard time.
on occasion i experience what i believe to be Dearealization, where it kind of feels as if im in a dream which gives me anxiety and can make me feel ‘depressed’ because it feels like im living in a fallacy. Its an awful feeling and can cause feeling like im trapped.

Im a big fan of Logic and his song “Anziety” helps me calm down and from him is how i learned about what Derealization is. (


Hey friend,

I know what this is like. It’s a really weird feeling and super hard to describe to people. For me, sometimes it happens out of the blue and sometimes I have a trigger. Sometimes it lasts a long time and sometimes it’s short. And sometimes I can use grounding techniques to help me get out of it and sometimes they don’t work. I don’t really have any advice for you but just know that you aren’t alone and if you want to talk more you can find me here or on discord.

hold fast :heart:


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