Did I make the right choice

Alrighty so my life has been very wild as of late. Like I mean wild wild. I have been trying to grasp on too anything I can to handle and hold on too. I am trying not to battle badly but i feel like it ain’t working right. So I need to provide some back story too this before we go forward. So my roommate previously moved home and so I was living in that apartment till the lease was up it was good but in trying to decide what to do next a lot of issues rose up so here I am. One of my friends offered for me to stay with them till their lease is up and than go from there with them and get a bigger place. So I took it we did part of the move on sunday to get me here and now I am kind of regretting it and asking myself should I go back. I dont know if this is the right move. I feel like nothing is going to be okay. I want to just not right now. I kind of keep asking myself is it going to ruin the friendship if I change my mind. Is it going to ruin the friendship if stuff goes horribly wrong. I just keep asking myself these things. I keep wondering why dont I just go home and stay there again go back too where my abusive life was and tell then they have to accept me and my dog. Why dont I just do that. Why do I continue to mess up and feel like I cant push forward. I am honestly struggling with the anxiety of it all. And I just wish i could have a plan and know it is going to work. I feel on edge like it ain’t going to work.
Thanks for reading my nervous and anxiety. I dont know any more I feel like I have come to that end of the road.


Hello there Ash, I recently moved and i’m currently on my own right now (it was about time though as i’m 23 now) I am very close with my parents so it’s a little different situation than yours but I still wanted to address this. I have felt the same way recently in questioning my recent life changes and if i’m going to be able to keep myself happy. While I am sure a roommate might be disappointed if you did back out, I think anyone who is a relatively good friend would understand that you are doing what is most comfortable for you. I am not going to recommend what to do because you know yourself best, but if it were between making an adjustment or going back to an abusive home, I would step out of my comfort zone and make the change with as much confidence as I can. Keep posting on here with any updates and struggles, I know what it feels like to just sit there feeling alone but if this forum is a comfortable spot for you, hop on and give yourself a mental boost.


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Hi, Ash.
Is there a reason why you are feeling so much regret and hesitancy about the current move? Or is it just anxiety of being in a new place with a new environment?

I know how hard moving can be. Especially when living with other people and having to adapt to change. I’m sorry my friend.

What’s going on that makes the current place a potential issue?

Love you my friend

  • Kitty

Well I have some hesitation due too anxiety but also after discussions with my therapist before I made the choice we both felt me moving on my own was best but I also was questioning that one. I have been dealing with a lot of comfortable things in terms of dealing with the changes.

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It’s okay to be nervous and anxious, don’t beat yourself up over it, Ash. Life is tough, and so are you. You’ll get through this. You are loved <3

Well, keep seeing your therapist my love. Talk about the things that you are worried, stressed and anxious about. See if there are things you can do to help eliminate those stresses. Focus on the things that you can control, try not to stress on the things you can’t control.

Remember to breathe. Remember to be gentle with yourself. One day at a time sweetheart.

Things can get better. I’m undergoing a lot of stresses too. I worry about my future. I stress about the fact I live with other people. I always worry about over staying my welcome. I worry about not being ready to move on fast enough. I stress about my abilities (or rather my lack of) to take care of myself.

So I understand a little. I’m not you and not in your situation so I don’t fully know. But know that I care about you. :heart: I’m only ever a DM away.

Love you darling

  • Kitty