Do people really care about me at all

I’m getting to a point where I don’t know my friends anymore. Of my few friends I feel as if they don’t care about me. I already lost a close one this year. She told me I’m a burden to her. And after that I’ve been really lonley also due to the fact I’m home almost all the time. Me and one only talk about his problems. I was happy he viewed me as a person he could talk to but it’s getting worse with him. I feel like im getting to a point where I don’t know if he or my other friends care about me. The only one I see weekly is at youth but we don’t relate that much anymore. On top of this my sister comes back from college and tells me to stop being so depressed. I can’t stop what I feel or what my friends do. There’s a sickness surrounding me and my friends and it’s making me more sad and isolated. I just want friends who care and I can see most of the time at school. I just want to feel loved


Man, this is so relatable – you get to this point, where you trust in a handful of people and when someone abandons you, it’s hard to believe that anyone else cares enough to stick around either. It makes you question everyone’s motives, see everyone in a different light…feel like you need to watch your back or be reserved because it’s just around the corner when someone else is going to abandon you too…you want to feel loved, like you can share your feelings and heart with someone and have them HEAR you and understand you and support you…not like your sister who just tells you to suck it up…you want someone to take this journey with you – and enjoy being with you in the process. It feels like the number of people who fit that bill get smaller and smaller, and you wonder ultimately if theres anyone at all…so you stay at home, and you wish things were different, you talk to the one or two or few friends that you have but not about EVERYTHING, and you fear them leaving too, so you isolate as much as possible, but it’s even lonelier by yourself.

I have been there too man. In fact, the first two years of my marriage I remember trying to pick up my phone and scrolling through the messages and wondering – who even would care if I called? Who would listen? Who can I trust? I couldn’t come up with a single person. And yeah – even if I did come up with someone, I didn’t give them a call because it felt like I’d be too much of a burden, especially because it was the same one or two people every time.

I’ve been there too man. I want to be loved too. You’re not crazy or stupid. And you’re not alone. <3

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I know how you feel! I’m in same boat. I keep telling myself don’t give up! I do work and I do make effort to be in public and hoping someone talk to me, like willing to know me, but it’s not easy. I keep reading life, inspirational and etc quotes it helps my self esteem and confidence. My advice is don’t give up and read Quotes!!!

I feel this on a personal level. At the start of 2017 I had three really good friends that I knew I could trust with anything.
As of today I only have one left, my one friend completely cut me off, blocked me on social media platforms and changed his phone number. That one really hurt because we were so close.
My other friend has seemed to change (and not for the better). It seems that at the start of the year he just turned into a completely different person, doesn’t want to hang out or take the time out of his day just to talk to me.
Friends will come and go, and in cases like yours and mine it shows that the people who you thought you could trust and love had other intentions.
Things will get better! I can promise you that

Several suggestions I can make is 1) Get out a bit more, 2) Get new friends 3) Explain to your sister that depression is like a sunny day where the only cloud is blocking the sun for only you. That like the weather you can’t control being depressed. That being depressed and being sad is totally two different things. That depression is not a feeling even if it can affect or be influenced by them.

Hope things get better for you.

Hey Walker.

I use to really struggle with friendships. Especially giving and taking and figuring out who was there for me. I have learned a lot - so bear with me here. There is a lot of perspective and advice. I sincerely hope that we help, and I hope you get feeling better.

Take a deep breath. Hold fast.

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