Does it ever get better?

My girlfriend and I broke up. Her mom found out and gf had to break up with me since we’re still dependent on parents.

Does it get better. Does the pain go. Do songs go back to being just songs, and not just sad songs?

She’s the only one who ever made me feel special. And made me feel loved. And made me feel beautiful and wanted.

Does it ever get better. Right now, I don’t want to live. I want to end it. I can end the pain, and I want to. The only thing stopping me is guilt for doing this to my family.

Does it ever get better?


It does get better. It doesn’t happen overnight. You won’t always be dependent on your parents. It almost never happens that a person is able to connect with a life partner without some interruptions in the process. Can you stay in touch, even if not dating?

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She did text, but she’s so distant. I cannot bear it.

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Hi WellWellWell and welcome to HeartSupport. Thank you for sharing your feelings.

I’m sorry you have had to end your relationship. It can be very distressing not being able to be with the one person who makes you feel special. What is her mother’s objection to the relationship, and might this change in time?

Although it is not the same, can you still communicate with her as friends for the time being?

It does get better. The rawness you feel right now will lessen over time and become easier to bear. Try and hold on to the fact that this only needs to be a temporary break. Once you are no longer dependent on parents, nothing stops you from being together again.

Please remember that you are always welcome at HeartSupport. :hearts:


It is a permanent end.

Her mom is homophobic.

I don’t think there’s anything to hold me together.

We are staying friends, but it isn’t going to turn back to what it was later.

She isn’t even sure if her mom will let her leave the country to study anymore. Or work. Or even leave the house.

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I keep bursting into tears randomly. I’m suffering.

Please please someone tell me what to do. I want to end it so bad.

Can’t even burden my partner (now ex) with it because she’s in even more trouble. And equal pain.

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Hello my friend

I can hear how much you are struggling right now and its so sad to hear, I am truly sorry that you are in this situation, that you are hurting so much and there doesnt appear to be a way to fix this relationship.
You are grieving right now, even though you still have a friend, you are grieving the loss of what you had with her and what you hoped it would be which is completely understandable under the circumstances and the fact that neither of you have done anything wrong.
I would love to tell you these feeling pass overnight but of course they don’t, just like any form of grief it takes time and you go through stages and of course you are still in touch with this girl which is either going to make things easier or harder (that is something you will find out in time) but and this is the good news however dreadful you feel right now, yes it does get better, please just give yourself some grace, be kind to yourself, time heals all wounds including the ones of the heart… Best of luck friend. x


I appreciate how raw your emotions are right now; the end of a relationship is complicated. I’m so sorry you are suffering; my heart goes out to you. You will need to grieve the loss, and the pain will lessen with time.

The Trevor Project is a great resource that provides information & support to LGBTQ young people 24/7, all year round.

If you have feelings that are too much for you to cope with, you need to reach out to somebody. There are excellent online resources that will support you during this time. I will leave some below in case you need them. In an emergency please call 211 or 911.

Please be kind to yourself and give yourself time to come to terms with your loss. HeartSupport is always here for you. :hearts: