Dog Abuse Social Media Post TW: Violence

Hi Everyone,
Yesterday a Facebook friend of mine posted a video of a man taking a dog beating his head and body into a tree by swinging him by his leash into the tree and then chopping his head off with an axe. As a animal lover I have been Fighting Mad, Pissed Off, Enraged and Depressed about it. After I watched that video I have officially given up on Mankind. That was the most horrific and despicable thing I have ever seen in my life. How do people do things like that? Please someone, Pray for me, give me advice anything? It has me so sad /mixed with anger and depression. Please Sending Out An S.O.S.


Humans are cruel. Not all though. Don’t completely give up on mankind. I understand what you are saying. This is just horrible. I don’t really have advice, but please tell me this man was given charges for his actions and he’s not getting away with it. That could make you feel a little bit better because then he’s not getting away with it.


Brutal man…I don’t even want to imagine.

Not sure how to redeem that situation either. It just is awful and evil.

I remember watching a movie called “Free Burma Rangers” where a man had been working to set refugees free from Isis in Iraq. He finally fought to free this village, and he celebrated with a family as they got to walk away free for the first time. They packed their things into a car, and they drove off, and Isis had laid landmines on the road. It exploded and killed the very family that he had just celebrated freedom with.

Something in him broke, and he experienced such a depth of hatred and desire for vengeance on people who could do such evil. His work is relief-oriented, and so it’s not focused on bringing violence or physical retribution to the perpetrators, but in that moment he called off all bets to not exact violence; he was so spun up on a desire for vengeance.

That night, he was praying and opened up the Bible and asked God to speak to him, and he flipped to this verse:

Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written,
“Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” -Romans 12:19

He had to surrender his desire and plans to exact vengeance, because he chose to believe that Vengeance is God’s.

I don’t think surrender is weakness. I believe faith is a higher virtue and strength than vengeance, because it requires an internal strength to hold onto God when you want to run out and bring revenge yourself.

Additionally, just because he surrendered vengeance doesn’t mean he surrendered justice. He continues to this day to work for the justice of the people. But he said the difference between bringing vengeance and justice is subtle – they both come from the same place of desiring for a wrong to be righted – but justice allows you to move in love for the victim and the perpetrator (and love for the perpetrator can be bringing about the appropriate consequence), but vengeance is motivated by hate.

When he gave up vengeance and reaffirmed his efforts for justice, he felt a weight lift off him, and he had massive breakthroughs in his help of the Iraq refugees.

I believe that being motivated in love, for justice, will be a more effective place for you to root your heart than allowing for hatred to take hold and drive a thirst for vengeance. If you have hatred and anger in your heart, surrendering it to God, or praying for His help to surrender it to Him, would be something that could be freeing for you and powerful for whatever you choose to do in response.



Im not sure if was tried or not. the recording was from 2016 with over 1 million views. Im not a hateful person, but I have had the deepest hate in my heart over the last 24 hours over it and I just recently prayed about it. I have since deleted my social media and almost deleted my podcast . Thank you for reaching out

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Thank you for that it provided much needed comfort. Only minutes before opening my laptop to see if I had any responses I prayed to God for answers and guidance as I am not a hateful mean spirited person but I had hate in my heart. God answered thru you and your value words and insight. Thank you so much for reaching out, you helped me immensely today


Happy to help, friend. Thank you for reaching out


Thank you for reaching out! I was hurting and Thank God for fine people here in our Heart Support group!!!