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Don’t really know what or where I am

I think I’m in limbo. Im just over life. Period. But I can’t not do anything. I walk into everyday just lifeless. Able to put on the face because I have for so long. I’m tired of trying. I’m tired of pretending. I’m tired of hearing, oh it’ll get better. Things take time. You’re not the only one. Things really aren’t like that. I’m just tired of hearing it all. I work hard to become successful but end up feelings stupid. I put forth efforts everyday only to be disappointed. No I don’t look for it, it just happens. I try talking to people but I think now I’m in a difference place than I once was and I just don’t care anymore.



Don’t give up on hope. Your life is not pointless.
I do not know what you believe, but there is a God that cares for you! He loves you before you were born. <3
Push away those evil thoughts, you matter, you are important. Even if you think you re not, you are not worthless. Think positive. I jnow it’s hard to think positive all the time, but try to see the bright side of life. When you’re feel you’re done with everything, start over. Life is a everyday battle. It’s not easy, but you can walk through this path.

Wish you the best,


I feel the same why, everytime I talk to people about mental health problems they dont really get it sometimes. My life seem pretty much meaningless too. I kinda have given up working on my mental heatlh. It endless battle that we both have to do. Also feel that everyone has their own problem and hard to have people understand each other.