Dont care anymore

i got really sick and the doctor don’t know what i have i still have to go see a ear doctor and they want me to take physical therapy for my dizziness i haven’t been to work in almost a month and then my girlfriend broke up with me for another guy with i do believe that she was cheating on me with witch i have been dating her for over a year and seams people only talk to me when they need me in there life but when times get tuff everyone disappear for my life and i’m all alone like always i’ve just had to much time to think about to much stuff and were i went wrong and y i’m going thur this or y this is happening to me you think i be use to this but its happen all my life but will it ever end before i get to tired of this life is and stop wanting to stop liveing this life

Hey @supermano9. Don’t take your current health out on yourself, it’s not your fault. You didn’t choose to not go to work. It’s depression, it’s sickness, it’s not your fault.
Sometimes we fall down, sometimes a lot, and it’s okay. We’re human. You can get back up.
If your girlfriend was cheating on you, then it’s better you guys have broken up. You don’t want to be with someone like that, someone who wouldn’t support someone else in need. There are people like that, and you just got to wash yourself of yesterday and move on to find better people.

Confront them about that when they come to you. Tell them how you feel, because you are a human being and you deserved to have your feelings + thoughts known, whether or not they don’t like it. Don’t let people think they can use you for a stressball or punching bag. Find strength within yourself. You don’t need anyone else in your life but you. Obviously, it’s nice to have friends and family around. But at the end of the day, you are the one who will pick yourself up and take care of yourself. You can’t live or die by others’ praise or remarks.
It may feel like despair, but don’t sink into it. You can’t change the past, but you can change the future. When life kicks you down, take revenge and rise up again. You’re a fighter, @supermano9. Don’t forget that. Wash your hands of yesterday.
I believe in you. :slight_smile:

That’s excellent advice. Your health isn’t your fault. None of it is your fault. Keep fighting, things will get better, take your time, remember small steps are the most meaningful. And you don’t want a girl who is a cheater! You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find the princess.
When things get too bad and there is no one to talk to, someone is right here, or I’m sure someone is at your nearest crisis hotline, right?
Yeah. You can do this. xox Laura