Don't know how I feel about the world/what's going on

I really don’t know how I see the world anymore. There’s so many negative things happening. I cried all day yesterday because of the travesty, have been sad all day because of the fires happening in California, am always sad because people are always fighting, treating each other so poorly it breaks my heart.
I don’t know what to do or think. What can you do when there’s so much negativity in the world? I honestly have no idea how it’s going to get better. I want to have hope, it’s just so hard when it seems like only bad things are happening.
I feel hopeless and alone. I wish I could help somehow. I wish God would just take these people’s pains away and just heal them. I don’t understand why such AWFUL things like this happen? I don’t understand why people don’t do something about them. I wish God would just stop all of the chaos in the world.
It seems like everyday, there’s another travesty. I don’t know how much more of it I can take. I know there’s good, great news that happens and doesn’t get publicized, but it’s just hard to remember there’s good news when there’s so much bad news going around.
I guess my point is that it’s just hard. I wish I could do something but I can’t. I’m having a very hard time understanding why God lets things like these happen. I want to be hopeful, but just don’t know how to be.

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Hey Nicole!
I totally get you dude. This is something that’s been on my mind too. It really is sad. And know you’re not alone. I feel like that too. I wish all of this could just stop, i wish in an instant people can just love each other.
But the truth is there is hope. There is. There’s a quote by Mother Teresa that goes "Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great Love." To me that means is that’s how the world starts changing, that’s how we start spreading more positive vibes. Is to love those around us. to spread the love in what may be a seemingly small way. That’s how the world starts changing. That can be holding the door open for someone, helping the elderly lady at the store with her groceries, spending time with a sibling (who may get annoying lol), maybe buying the guy who is in back of you his/her drink, volunteering at a homeless shelter, or just smiling and acknowleging anothers presence, plus many more lol.
It’s hard to have hope in a seemingly hopeless world. But change, can start with you. Love those around you, be kind to others and yourself. Love with no limits, that’s what makes the world better <3 hope this helps.

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This is actually a really interesting post from you, nicole, because I notice this is a similar reaction you have to the way your mom treats you…when she cuts you down with all of those criticisms and lies, you wrote last time that one of your first reactions is to just break down. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it is a particular type of reaction, and I’m curious where that comes from? Where did you learn to feel so overwhelmed and powerless?

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Hi Nicole,

unfortunately negativity is part of this cruel world and everyone is turning more selfish every day that passes. Although, we are lucky there is someone like you: what we can try to do is to leave this world a little bit better than how we found it.

There is still hope.

Pioggia :sunflower:

As you said, there are lots of good things and bad things happening at the same time. The thing with bad news is that they sell more. I just… recommend not keeping up with the news as much. I’m not sugesting ignorance, I’m sugesting this so they don’t induce you to mismeasure the situation and direction things are going. Because it’s getting in the way of you doing your best. And there are smaller things you can do yourself to make the world a better place. And there are bigger things you can do.

And when you do greater things with other people, that’s when you know that there’s hope and you’re not alone, and you can do something. I hope you find your thing. Hold fast, we’re with you.