Don't know what to do with life

Tired of being alone why do I even try just having a bad day today i just wanna give up


Hello Dani,
Thank you sharing your thoughts! Man I know all to well how you feel. Some days are tough and seem like such a drag, and you don’t even want to bother. It feels good to just talk and get some stuff off your chest sometimes! So, how was your day? What transpired to bring you down?

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Hey @Dani,

You’ve been through some difficult situations recently. Having a bad day is okay. Feeling like you want to give up is okay. When I feel drained and at the end of my rope, I try to remind myself that a bad day doesn’t mean it’s a bad life - even if it’s tempting to see everything only through this kind of very dark veil.

We’re here to listen, friend, if you ever need to discuss. Let us know how we can encourage you. You’re not alone. :heart: