Drug addiction beginnings?

It was late at night, i was feeling down & without thinking i consumed a dozen or so aspirin. I know aspirin isn’t that big of a deal but just my senseless pill popping that is scary. I’m a big man and it takes more than usual dose to affect me but I DON’T want this to be the start of a new addiction. What if i had a much more powerful drug in my hands, would i even be writing this?

@feengid hi friend, thank you for reaching out.
I don’t know what happened that night that made you reach for those pills, and I can’t say for sure whether you would have reached for them if it was something stronger because as much as we don’t believe it - the first time you do something like that, it’s your choice. What were the thoughts going through your head at the time? You weren’t CONSIOUSLY thinking about picking them up, but you were thinking about SOMETHING which told you that you wanted to take them.

If you’re worried about this becoming an addiction to something more then stay away from the stronger drugs until you have gotten your head around what is causing you to pick up… I suffered with drug addiction for nearly 7 years and trust me, it’s not as easy as just staying away from them once you’ve made that first choice, so please please try and do it now whilst the choice is yours.
Be careful - it’ll hurt like hell but try and find out why you feel that pills of any type will help you.

Hold Fast

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Hey @feengid - I’m glad to hear that you’re at least aware of the slippery slope that you’re looking down. It’s pretty common to want to increase in the amount of anything when a small amount gives you pleasure. I’m not doubting your level of self-discipline, but if you’re worried about someday the aspirin turning into more of a powerful and addictive substance, I would recommend cutting off the aspirin all-together and perhaps finding a more healthy alternative to feel better. Just my two-cents! Thank you for reaching out. :slight_smile:

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