Ed is getting really bad

Ever since i found out about my cousins SI attempt i haven’t been eating very much at all im now not even eating anything i’m terrified to eat. i’ve only eaten 3 meals in the past 72 hours i think. i took me about 1-2 hours to eat an very small plate of food again


why does that attempt make you terrified to eat?
is is the stress or is it a fear of the food?

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It’s the stress from her attempting but it’s also the fear of food

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I can’t recall if you mentioned it before, but have you had a chance to check out the HS resources?

It’s a good read, there’s a couple ED stuff there too, maybe it could give you a little reminder that you are important to us and little things that can maybe help you. Thank you being here with us, trusting us.

I know thing have been a little rough, but I hope that you and your cousin are on the path to recovery.

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