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I’m not sure what I’m doing with my career

Gosh dude “career” is such a weighty thing…to feel like you’ve got to have this whole roadmap for your entire life…it can be such a brutal topic, especially when you feel like you’re at a point that doesn’t satisfy you the same way you envisioned it would or hoped that it would…and then you want to make a pivot but feel lost or like changing directions is so hard or could lead to even worse situations…there’s so much self-doubt and anxiety that gets wrapped into the whole process, and it can keep you totally paralyzed…I get that man. When I was first deciding "careers’ out of college, my professor talked me out of my path literally a month before graduating, and I panicked…I was like WTF do I even do, the train is running out of track, and I’m going to run off the road…It can cause so much distress because our identity and joy can so easily entangle into our careers.

Thanks so much for opening up about this. You’re definitely not alone, and I appreciate you sharing your heart.

It usual to feel stuck and not know what you are doing with your career. Just take some deep breaths and think of what parts of your career you enjoy it’ll help

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