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tonight. and also this past week. i just feel like i’m not good enough for anyone. all these people have all these friends and i have a few but i feel like i don’t reach their expectation.

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I think you should be taking value in the those few friends you have. Honestly. I have a few true close friends and only 2 of them are my best friends. With the friends you have be honest with them and open up. Share how you feel. Ask them Am I good enough and I bet you their response will be yes. My response will be yes. Cause you are good enough. You are worth the time and energy for someone to love. This is a great community to learn that. You are worth it. You have value. You are loved. You are worth every second.

Hold Fast
Morgan Hochstetler
HS Intern

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There should never be a moment where you should feel like you aren’t enough for your friends or this world. Your uniqueness is what makes you such an amazing human being. You will only ever be the ONLY you, and that is so beautiful to me. I have feelings of hopelessness and not meeting expectations all the time. I understand how you feel. You should always know that someone is watching out for you, even if you may not think so, there are. Always. <3