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honestly i always feel like i’m worthless and just not meant to be around. everything is so hard to deal with and i can’t ever get my head to be quiet or to stop thinking and making me feel so horrible all the time. i always feel alone and like everyone hates me.

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When I am dealing with a lot I tend to overthink and think the whole world is against me. I feel nothing is going to go right and realize that people around me do care what I am going through. I am loved I am worth the time that they are taking to help me figure out what is going on.

I love you. I feel you need to hear that. I also hope what you see in this response is not just filled with words but someone that cares and want you to know you are loved.

You are worth every letter that I type and every second I spend responding. You are loved. You have value. You are worth it.

Hold Fast
Morgan Hochstetler
HS Intern

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This is so hard. I’ve been here before. It feels like there is far too much happening at once, and even when everything is still around you, you’re mind won’t let you have any peace, because it’s always overthinking and making you feel worse.

It’s like you are a prisoner in your own mind, and when you turn to others for support they don’t seem to care the way you wish they would.

The truth is that you do have worth, even if you can’t see it. Let us show you. Stay here, spend time in this community and I promise you, you will see how valued and loved you are.

You are important. You are strong, because you shared here. You are brave, because you’re asking for help. These things will carry you to healing.

This is the beginning of peace and stillness. Sending love

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You are worth it. You are amazing. It never hurts to talk about it. Maybe talk to me. I have love for you.

I saw your message on a wall here at twitch con and I wanted to give some support. It is definitely really hard to go through every day, feeling like no one wants to be around you, I feel like I get started at all the time because of how I look. There are so many great communities out there where you can meet some great friends. In my own discord server, we just have a spot where people can chat about stuff that is bothering them and I do my best to just talk to them in private to let them know they have someone to talk to whenever they need it, I used to have these kinds of thoughts in my head, but slowly over time with the friends I made through streaming, instead of my own thoughts polluting my mind, I have my friends encouraging words that go through my mind. The best thing is just finding a group or even 1 person who you can talk to, being able to vent to someone will immensely! I hope I can provide some sort of help, and I hope those negative thoughts go away!

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Its really easy to feel that way and let the negative thoughts overwhelm us. Just know that everyone is worth something, even if it’s not easy to see right now. I, for one, think you’re incredibly brave for speaking about what’s bothering you. That makes you a strong person, because not everyone would be open about it. We need more strength like yours in the world. I’m glad you exist, and I truly hope things start looking up for you and you can see all the value and worth that you poses.