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I go to film school but have to take drawing classes (I can’t draw very well) so it makes me feel awful to watch the more talented artists

Hey friend!
It’s awesome that you’re interested in drawing! It sounds like you have a real passion for art, being in film as well. I’m sorry that you feel bad when watching other people, but sometimes we have to take a look at things from a different perspective. I know that when I see someone doing something I want to be good at, and they’re “better than me” I get super upset. I have to look at it from the viewpoint that, with practice, and over time you can get there too. The idea behind taking classes is to get better at something, so you are doing what you need to do, and you will gradually get better.
I would encourage you to take a listen to this video. Danjo is an incredible artist, and he uses his channel to help and encourage others. He’s also always up for helping people out with their artwork and help them improve on things they want to do better at.

Hold Fast


I am so proud of you for going for your dreams! You are learning a wonderful skill and that is amazing. Every artist starts out small. You will be an amazing artist. Don’t give up.

Hey I’m sorry your feeling this way. You’re loved. Hold fast.