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Nurse here, moved home after being broken up in a driveway in North Dakota. Broken up with for struggling with PTSD and anxiety. Boyfriends parents did not like I took medication for it. Often made fun of me for it, called me names, they only found out about it because his sister went through my purse and found it. Since than I can’t date anyone, work is hard, nurses are awful to me. I’m in debt, and I’m scared to take my NP boards. I feel lost. Unloved. Like I’ll never find love. Never feel safe with someone or myself.

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Hello friend,

I just want to tell you that no one has the right to make fun of you for your mental illness and there is nothing wrong with taking medication for it. Taking medication means you are reaching for help and being brave and that is never something to laugh at. I am so proud of you for seeking that help. I’m sorry that you were broken up with, but my dear you deserve someone better. I know it feels like no one will love you because of your demons, but someone will. Because you are loveable. You are worthy of someone looking at you and seeing all the pain and loving you anyway and being there for you and helping you learn to love yourself. You are not alone


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I’m sorry you going through a lot. Your ex-’s family should be ashamed of themselves for making fun of your mental health. You are trying to get better, and you want support. Sadly, they didn’t give it to you. Cut ties with them. You don’t need toxic people in your life. You deserve better. Don’t give up and keep fighting.

Hi friend.

I’m so sorry that people are so cruel and not very understanding. When I was previously married, my ex husbands family were not very understanding of my mental illness. They made me feel like I was broken and as if he could have done better than me. They said that my mental illness was just going to bring him down. It was awful. So I understand.

It’s important that you know despite how these people acted that you are loved and valued and you matter. You don’t have to feel bad for the things you naturally go through.

Friend, I’m sorry for the struggle you are going through. The way these people have treated you. The debt. I know how stressful that is. I understand how scary it can be to do things.

But you are loved my friend. I know we are strangers but we love you. We love all of those who come here. We are a family of people who are all hurting in our own ways. We all just try to lift each other up when we are struggling. You are deserving and worthy of love. I know sometimes it feels like we aren’t or like we will never find it, but give it time my friend.

Do what you need for you. Even if that means finding a therapist to help you work through this. Find things that make you happy and bring you joy. Things you are passionate about and focus on those things.

And know that we are always here if you need a safe place. I hope you find peace and healing my friend. Im really sorry.

We are here.

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