EugeniaCooney Fan #167

Today I felt like I hated myself a lot, it’s triggered usually by my bad thoughts and overthinking, I believers bad thoughts

I feel this - overthinking can be so dangerous, especially when we are alone and have a low view of ourselves.
Sometimes when we start to find our self in a cycle of bad thoughts, we have to get up and do something productive - even if we don’t feel we can, or talk to people we trust to help us out. I’m glad you reached out to us here on the support wall. Come join our community on Twitch or Discord and let us help start to replace those bad thoughts with some truths.
Truths like you’re loved and you matter.

Hold Fast

You are a wonderful and very strong person for still being here through those bad thoughts. They can be so overwhelming. But any positive thoughts can be even more so. I struggle with believing in myself a lot so please allow me to send a huge chunk of encouragement and love to you from someone in the same boat. You are so loved and so valid. :heart: