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Always. I always feel worthless.

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I am so sorry this is just how you always feel. If you can draw i want you to draw something for a friend. Because when you bring worth to others lives that lights their face up it shows worth. Or give a friend a hug. You brought someones day a hug. Smile for someone that looks down. When you bring worth to others lives it shows yourself you do have worth. Cause you are worth it. You are worth me writing this for you. I want you to know you are worth every single letter I am typing. Even this letter “M” <-- thats for you. You are worth my time. You are worth my love. Cause every one is worth for love. I love you. This Community loves you.

Hold Fast
Morgan Hochstetler
HS Intern

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Everyone has a purpose, keep your head up and always keep your eyes forward