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So like I feel like everything I do to try and lose weight is not even working and I just am, well, hopeless and like everything I do never works.

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Weight loss takes a lot of time and patience. I know that from experience. And diets never go very well for me. It’s a major life style change and a balance between exercise, eating healthy, drinking water and getting healthy sleep.

Everyone’s body is different so what you need may differ from someone else. I spoke to a nutritionist. Maybe you can have your doctor refer you to one. Someone who can help you get on a healthy track that works for you.

Mine had suggested a Mediterranean type diet. I have PCOS and it seemed to work really well for me.

I’d be careful with dietary supplements and what not. They can be disastrous.

I’m sorry you are struggling my friend. It’s a boat I’ve struggled in a lot in my life. So I understand. It’s not an easy feat. I hope you find the encouragement you need to reach your goals. Rooting for you!

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