EugeniaCooney Fan #201

i haven’t had a friend in 3 years or even an acquaintance nobody wants me i’m tired of being me every day is the same nothing changes it’s like a loop i don’t feel real anymore nothing matters

“Nobody wants me” is a LIE I think a lot of people tell themselves…I do that too.

I don’t know your age (and wont make assumptions), but I think it could be some benefit to you if you looked into doing extracurricular activities if you’re still going to school, or maybe do some research and see if there’s any volunteer opportunities available in your area.

Hi friend.

I see you. I hear you.
You matter! You are valued! You are worthy of love and compassion!
I’m sorry you are hurting my friend. I know these feelings. I can relate. You are not alone.
You are real. You are deserving.
I don’t know what all you are going through but know that Heart Support is a safe place where you can be yourself with no judgement. We will love and support you the best we can. We may not be able to fix what you are going through but we can extend understanding and love.

You don’t have to be alone. We are here.

Hold fast my friend.

  • Kitty

Hi there! I can relate to not having friends (haven’t since graduating high school 9 years ago). Do you have any favorite hobbies or have any favorite bands you like listening? If there are any local events that feature that favorite hobby or band, go to them. Even if you go alone. Strike up conversations and see what happens!