EugeniaCooney Fan #221

In school i see all the popular kids around a lot of people and me in the other hand only get people telling me I’m annoying because I talk a lot but that’s my way of coping with things since I feel a lot of emotions and like no one cares

I went through that a lot when I was in school. I also had ADHD and Autism and did not know it. So I talked a lot and I was really awkward. People made fun of me a lot about it. So I can somewhat relate. I was never a part of the popular crowds but I made friends in my own social circles.

Kids at school can be really mean sometimes. But don’t let that stop you from being yourself. I know I often trapped myself in a vicious cycle of trying to please others and being what I thought others wanted me to be so I would be liked. But that doesn’t bring you any kind of happiness either.

Its really hard. I’m sorry you are going through that. You aren’t annoying. Dont let people convince you of that. People are just not very understanding or compassionate. Someone out there will appreciate you for who you are. <3

Express yourself freely here. We will love and support you. Dont change that caring side of you. It’s okay to feel a lot of emotions. I was and have always been like that. I used to feel ashamed and stupid for it but eventually learned to love that in myself.

Its okay to feel a lot of emotions and to express them. It doesn’t make you annoying. It’s okay to care a lot as well.

I hope that you are able to find people that encourage that in you and remind you how important and valued you are. You matter. No matter what. Dont let anyone convince you otherwise <3

Much love to you