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i started college this semester and still haven’t made any friends. my friends back home are hard to confide in and don’t understand my struggle with depression since they never have. i’m bad at meeting new people and nobody wants to spend time getting to know me, but it’s my own fault because i’m to worried to put myself out there.

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My first year of college was a rough one also. I recommend checking out all the college events that occur for new students. I am a big extrovert but fear what people will think of me. What has helped me battle that is just being honest and open. Be real with people. You will find that people will be very accepting. If all this fails!.. I will be your new friend! YEY WE ARE FRIENDS NOW! AHHHH! PIZZA PARTY!.. but for real. I want to you try this. Find things that people can relate to life moves this always helps you relate to people. Then grow off of that. That is something that has helped me. So know this. You are not alone. You are valued. You are worth it.

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