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i feel as if all of my friends are leaving me and that no one sees how broken i truly am

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Hi friend, I’m sorry that you are having a hard time with your friends right now. I’ve certainly had times in my life where I felt this way and I really had to go through my social circles and decide who we’re good friends and who were not.
I know you feel broken, but friend, you are just a human being like the rest of us who may be having a hard time and struggling. But that doesn’t mean you are broken. Though I can relate to feeling broken.
You are loved and valued my friend. You are worthy of love. From others and yourself.

Maybe you can talk to your friends and share some of your heart and how you are feeling.

I hope it gets better.
We care

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I can see where you are coming from as i have been in the same situation. I do not know if your problem is the same as the one i used to have, but my solution might give you insight to finding a way of solving your own.
In the past i have been broken and no one noticed. The reason for this being, that i always hid my emotion, as i was to proud to showing or admitting any. This repression of emotions slowly started to consume me from the inside. I started becoming unhappier and still tried to hide it.
I thought i was doing really well as no one really noticed, until one day a friend of mine told me, that hanging out with me isnt the same as it used to be. I asked him why or what changed and he told me i dont emit the same aura or energy as i used to. He told me it is not really visible, but he kind of feels it when being with me.
It was only then that i realised that my friends not really wanting to see me was due to my inner conflict and repression. As this had changed me just so slightly, but enough to change the perception, that the others had of me.
I knew something had change so opened up to others about my problems. Just releasing these already felt like being rid of a huge burden. The problems were not solved yet but i started to taking action, instead furthering the repression. As i opened up to my friends they started to realise why my aura had changed and offered to help. This resulting in me seeing my friends even more than before. I became joyful again and started building up a stronger psyche.

I do not know if this information helps, but if you are in the same situation, it might be worth a try.
I know opening up is super hard as it takes a lot of energy to overcome your pride.
In case you find it hard to open up, you could try opening up to me or the community on this site first, as we are all strangers, friendly and here to help :slight_smile:

Hey @EugeniaCooney_Fans

I am so sorry you feel like your friends are leaving you. That is such a hard feeling. Maybe if you open up to them about how you are feeling that would help. Your friends love you and care about you and they may not even be aware that they are making you feel this way. I am sure they are not doing it on purpose or for any malicious reason.

Hold Fast
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