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Family tries to reconnect but the are so untrustworthy. Sometimes I feel like my Nana doesnt believe what I say. She only has me so she gets snippy with me then I feel alone. Im so glad I have my Best Friend. I wish she lived in Pennsylvania or I lived in California. Last night I had so much fun at my Cousin’s Wedding and today I feel like utter shit!

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Family drama can be a pain in the ass man. But it awesome you have friends and you also have this website ,you can vent on here and you let it all out. You are not alone.


Family drama sucks… I deal with it too. Don’t let it pry you away from happiness. My close friends are 1200 miles away, but we try to get on Xbox once a week just to enjoy life once in a while. Maybe find something you and your best friend can do together once a week or even more frequent. :+1: