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I’ve been quietly being depressed over Anthony and it’s weird because when “we” broke up which I wouldn’t use that term because it was his decision influenced by his parents I feel like there is an empty gap inside of me. It wasn’t just a relationship he was like a best friend to me and we didn’t care about all that romantic stuff we would have a good time just being in each other’s presence. It hurts to Even imagine all the notes and drawings and gifts all thrown in the trash and I never got rid of anything. And the main thing that makes me so angry to keep thinking about is “my father would get angry if I went back on his word” and the “they told me girls like you won’t ever change” the issue was that he always worried about me and got tired of hearing about me being sad or being upset about my families arguments. I knew I hurt him and didn’t realize until it was too late and it sucks. They treated me like a family and to now be a stranger hurts deeply but I know it’s to p!
rotect their son. And then on the same week of the breakup I messed up and was harrasisng making him change his number. The pain isn’t like any other I’ve felt losing a friend. I would do anything to make amends and to talk to him again. To imagine all those years just disappearing hurts and I’m now feeling all the pain and guilt crying every day alone. I thought at first I was loyal and faithful I kept our promises to stay strong and not hurt myself and everything hurts. Its been several months and I feel like they would still be angry. Even though the reasons weren’t as bad as killing someone it st

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I’m sorry you are going through a heartbreak. Just letting you know that God loves you, this community loves you, and you are not alone.