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EugeniaCooney Fan #301

i get made fun of for the way i look.
i am told that i am a disappointment.
i just feel alone and super sad

Firstly. You. Are. Valuable. So many lies come our way and attack the intrinsic worth that comes with being human. You are no exception to this fact. You are a person. Your own person, and you are valuable. One of the things I think when negativity comes my way via literally any avenue (people, social media, societal pressures and expectations) I think “Is the person/place/thing that is telling me this out for my good? Do they care about me? Or are they trying to make themselves feel superior, projecting their own failures on me, or trying to make me buy into their lies?” Looking for the motive behind the action can sometimes give us perspective and be able to separate ourselves from it. It might hurt coming from someone we think should care, but giving ourselves that space can allow us to place our own terms on how it affect us. It lets us access what we actually value for ourselves
and if what they are saying match up.
These are things almost everyone goes through. It is hard when it happens, but these difficult moments are opportunities to reach out (like right now) and grow in resilience. It won’t always be like this. You are braver than you think.
If you can, think of one person, moment, or place that reminds you that there is good in the world. One moment that was good about the past hour or day or week, and think about it for a minute. Collect thoughts like that. You are not alone.