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I’ve been struggling a lot in college. I’m failing some classes and it feels like I’m alone with no help and I feel like I’m not as good as everyone else.


I went through this in college It sucks. So what I want you to do today right after reading this I want you to go straight to the academic help center and ask for a tutor. Get in the schedule. I used it I felt ashamed at first for doing it because i always wanted to prove I was smart. But it turned into a great help. I started getting better grades. You so got this!

Love you.

Hold Fast
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Hey there,

I went through college and it was tough. I failed some classes too. I can totally relate! hugs But you are not your failures!!! You are as good as everyone else and deserve to be there. You deserve help. A few failing grades do not remove your value or the fact you tried. Just keep trying. Find a tutor. I believe you can do this and things will get better!

much love,

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I totally understand where you are coming from. In school I always had trouble keeping up with everyone. I was there. I felt stupid and I also felt alone. That all changed when I got a tutor. They will give you that one on one time that you need to help you in whatever subject you’re struggling with! Really appreciate you friend! You got this! We are all here for you and you’re not alone.

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Tutors are wonderful and the counseling centers on campus are usually amazing! There are so many other students going through the same as this person!

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We love you, we hear you, keep your head up and hold fast <3

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This does not define you <3 We hear your struggle. Know that you are cared for and loved, and you will get through this. Stay strong!

Hey friend. Your topic was covered on the HeartSupport live stream with Eugenia herself! Here’s the live video response from her and our community :slight_smile:

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Sorry you’re dealing with that. I too struggled a lot through college. The mental exhaustion from getting low grades on top of that from studying as much as you can can be overwhelming. And I don’t know if you relate to this one part, but if you made it into college, I guess you also cared a lot about your grades in some way? And seeing they drop when they matter really hurts. And feeling alone and not knowing where or who to run to really adds to it all. It took me 11 years to do get my 4 year degree. I wanna share with you a few things I wish I had learned sooner so you don’t struggle so much for so long:

  • Make sure you’re going the right way: no one can tell you what course will be good for you better than yourself. Be honest with yourself more than with anyone else about changing course or dropping college. On top of that, keep in mind that a career sometimes is for a lifetime, but a college course never is.If an awful course is the path to the dream job, it can be worth it.

  • Learn from somewhere else: sometimes the teacher’s classes made no sense to me. So I’d go for their recommended textbooks and they didn’t either. Libraries and the internet are full of other texts you can use, and on the internet you can see other teachers explaining the same thing in a way that might make more sense for you. At one of my classes, a book the teacher said was bad actually helped me a lot. At another, it was the personalized material from another teacher who wasn’t even there anymore. Sometimes senior students have great material - if they made it there, something worked for them, and if even only one of them is willing to share, there it is!

  • Failing a class isn’t a “no”, it’s a “not yet”: when I started classes, some people who were retaking the class I was taking said failing classes is normal. Failing classes does happen, but accepting it as a normal thing can be a dangerous path. If failing happen, know that it doesn’t mean you’re not capable of passing it, it just means you need more time than planned. And if your grades get so low that you feel like dropping the class before the finals, I’ll give you 2 reasons not to: one, you might be able to turn it around, even if you don’t see it coming (happened to me at least once), and two, every little thing you learn while failing is one less thing you’ll have to understand when retaking and is also one more thing that will help you understand the things you haven’t yet understood.

And whenever the mental struggle becomes emotional pressure, heart support is here for you.

Don’t give up on your dreams.