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No one is there when I need somebody even though I’m there for them.they are either too busy or they say it’s not a big I hold it all in but I just want someone to talk to and be there for me.


Hi friend.

It’s hard when you offer so much of yourself to be there for others and then they cant be there for you. I certainly can understand that feeling. There was a lot of times in my life where I felt like this.

I have always given much of myself to help others. Because I enjoy it. But It was hard when I would be struggling and then feel so alone in it.

Coming to this community has really changed that for me. There has been so many amazing people that I have connected with, grown close to and built strong relationships with.

Know that you are always welcome here. To share and talk about what is going on around you. You can do that here, or you can join us on discord if you like. There is a #realtalk thread that is always available to you. And almost always someone there to offer love.

Stay strong my friend. You matter. What you are feeling matters and what you are going through matters. I care. We care.

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Hey friend,

It’s hard when you don’t feel enough reciprocity in your relationships. I felt like this sometimes, even if I didn’t expected anything from others in return. Over time I learned that generally people doesn’t ignore you intentionally but we’re all at different points in our lives and we all have different definitions of what a relationship should be. It doesn’t mean it’s about you or there’s something wrong with you. Sometimes trying to communicate clearly about what you expect from them can be of a great help, as we can’t always guess what others are feeling or thinking, even if we know them and love them very much. :wink:

Your feelings are valid and you are not alone, okay? :heart: We’re here for you too.

Hold fast.