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when my friends were talking i wanted to talk to them about something that happened and they just rolled their eyes at me and kept talking about boys. i was about to tell them im bisexual.

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Hey friend,

First of all I’m so proud of you for being with people who you trust in sharing something so very personal like that. You’re a very brave person.

While I’ve never been in that situation, I have certainly felt like no one was listening to me.

In my experience I found that if something really important is on my heart, I just need to tell ONE person face to face to get the confidence about sharing w/ multiple people.

Also, you might want to choose either a different time OR a different way to communicate this to your friends.

Maybe there is a better time to speak to your friends that you haven’t thought of yet.

Either way, you’re loved and accepted here just as you are and I’m so glad you made this post and shared about your life.

Please keep us updated!

Hold Fast.

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thank you so much !! i really needed that !! My friends texted me saying they were sorry for being so rude and that they wanted me to talk to them tomorrow. I’ll update you tomorrow!! :blue_heart: