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Right now, because I was just trying to do homework and then I remembered that I’m stupid and ugly

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Hey friend.

This isn’t true. Just because you don’t understand the work that you have to do right now does not mean you’re stupid. You might not be excellent or feel as smart at school as some other people, but there are so many ways to be smart.

You can be street smart, you can be emotionally smart, you can be creatively smart. I KNOW there are things that you are great at and those things have value too! They are important.

I also know that you are beautiful! You have beauty, even if you don’t see it when you look in the mirror, other people do. They see the way your eyes shine, and the way you light up when you smile or laugh. They see all of the beautiful things that you are missing.

I am so glad that you are here, and I hope you continue to share here. Sending love and hope for you. You matter.

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You are special. You are unique and you ARE worth something. Dont let society label you as stupid or ugly. Be happy with who you are and do what you love and follow your passions.

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Hey there! We’re just two strangers on the internet but I saw that you felt like you were worthless due to how you feel about your appearance.

I don’t know how old you are or anything but I’m guessing since you were doing homework that you’re younger. I’m not that far off myself, I’m actually 25! I I rememeber the awful homework XD.

I just wanted to let you know that you’re not worthless. I know it can feel thay way, I often feel lonely and like noone cares. But it’s not true. It’s just life trying to keep us down.

You’re not worthless. Somehow the decision you made to text this number about your feeling made it all the way into San Diego and into my hands.

Reading about how you felt made me tear up. I remember feeling the same way. But it gets better.

You matter.

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