EugeniaCooney Fan #98

The last time I felt hopeless was today. I am in treatment for anorexia and it’s so hard

I’m sorry that you were feeling helpless today my friend. I am glad that you are in treatment though! That means you are taking the steps you need to get better and to find healing. That’s important and a huge step. I know how scary and difficult that can be. So good on you for being brave enough to face your struggles and health and doing what you can to get a hold of it.

Stay strong my friend. It can and does get better. Know that you are loved and valued here. And any time you need a safe place we are here. We all have hurts and all trying to work through it together.

Much love.

  • Kitty

I know it can be a challenge and some days are harder than others. But that’s the great thing, tomorrow is a new day and your have such an opportunity to grow every day. You will do amazing things and I encourage you to continue improving yourself. :purple_heart: