Everyday fighting these three diseases i have i fi

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Everyday fighting these three diseases I have I fight that feeling of how do I do this for the rest of my time on earth how do I hurt like this. It is so hard and I have to hourly remind myself I am not here for me I am here for those around me. My fight is already basically lost I stay for those who need me.

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Hi @HeartSupport_Fans,

I’m super sorry for you fighting three diseases. It must be painful and depressing for you. My situation might be different but I have a hormone disorder that doesn’t have a cure. I always tell myself: “I want to live so I can complete my bucket list.” Sometimes I did have days where my hormonal disorder made me feel like I became a different person. That’s the right mindset of you to find a reason to live. Don’t lose this battle! You aren’t fighting this alone, I’m here to support you.

@HeartSupport @toastaintbad, thank you so much. The support was and is very much needed. The words you took the time and energy to share with me definitely helped my mood. I have been struggling with feelings of isolation and loneliness. I, at times, am so very forgetful of short-term events and conversations to the point of right wrong or indifferent my family tends to just shut me down. Comments like yeah you told me already mom so frequent I tend to just not talk at all. I then end up feeling very, very alone. I can not give you words to express the feeling of gratitude for you taking the time to read my message and respond.

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@HeartSupport_Fans I can relate to your family. My family used to act like this when I was a teenager. There was one day I decided not to talk with family for 1-2 weeks. They kind of noticed on how I feel when I didn’t have a conversation with them. I have 2-3 friends and they have been wonderful and sweet to me. Even having friends, I still feel lonely and sad for no reason once in a while. You are not wasting my time at all.