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EVERYONE wants to feel included, valued and loved. Why is it so hard…? Because it’s easier to disregard people when they don’t fit your preconceived idea of cool, acceptable, lovable or whatever than to engage with them and love them. I’m 51 and have dealt with feeling disregarded for most of my life. God will never leave you or forsake you, but people sure will…


Hard to feel like your story has been one long note of being disregarded. – of course, you temper this with the fact that you have faith, and God has been with you through it all. But it doesn’t totally erase the pain of feeling like people don’t see you as you wish they would. There is this kind of quiet disappointment under the callouses of rejection that still longs to be seen and known and understood as you wish you could be. It’s hard to be at a place where your hope swaps with cynicism, where you no longer believe change will come from people in your life, but you close that part of your heart off and just close off the possibility that reality could be different than it is. It hurts. Accepting loneliness doesn’t make it easier to deal with. Again, there is a comfort that God brings through it all, and there’s stability in faith that makes you resilient. But part of being human is wanting to be regarded and accepted, and that is hard to feel like it never came as you wished it would.

@bill__clay I think it happens because we are lacking in love and compassion. Love is something you do for someone else at no cost to them. When relationships are motivated by selfish reasons it can cause a lot of hurt. I really resonate with the last thing you said. Yes, there will be people in our lives who will let us down but I find great hope in clinging to the promises and reality of God’s love for me.

@heartsupportwall2 of course. I totally agree. I hope that sharing these stories makes us better aware of the pain other people go through. Hopefully it creates empathy for others to pay attention to those around the. I also hope that people who have gone through similar experiences can find a community that sees them for who they are and joyfully accepts them as well. I believe the love of God is perfect and comforting, yet it is undeniable that it is incredibly important for us to have love and acceptance expressed through those around us.

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Life has a way of piling baggage on you. Whether it be family (parents), work, church, school… you can see patterns form that it feels like you can’t do anything about. Most of my baggage boils down to personality traits that I have tried to change for years, social awkwardness, introversion, stoic-ness, rbf, quietness, height believe it or not… I’m 6’5” which apparently makes you “intimidating and unapproachable”. :roll_eyes: Family turmoil and outright social rejection over the years in school, work, church has made me turn even more inward. I figured if I forced myself to engage with ppl more that everything would change, but all my core traits are the same and I think I must just have a way of naturally turning ppl off… :man_shrugging:t2: Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dwell on all this too much. I’ve pretty much accepted it, which is kind of sad. But it is what it is… I know my Father in heaven loves me and that is enough. :slightly_smiling_face:

From: eloquentpetrichor

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is very true that everyone wants to be accepted. And it can be difficult to fight past what society has put in us as why people should be ostracised but when you are able to you can help someone in such an amazing way and I believe that is something we should all strive to be and do. Fight societal standards and be a good person. You all matter :hrtlegolove:

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From: Who.is

the good thing about being aware that people need to change is being able to show people how to change. Showing people their worth and that they’re loved.



Hi Friend, thank you for your comment, it’s very true that we all want to feel acceptance. I wish we had the solution to fix this, but know that Heart Support accepts you for who you are. Please take care and know that you matter! ~Mystrose


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, Thank you for your comment , I totally agree with you with regards to how everyone wants and needs to feel included, valued, and loved along with respected. I wish more people were given a chance and not judge by one thing instead of looking at them as a whole. I dont know if all People leave you, some say they do some say they dont, I guess we never know x


Thanks a lot for sharing your toughts. everyone should accept other people without preconceptions.
be kind to other people, and they will be kind to you. treat them , how you want to be treated. Lovely
Greetings Friend.

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