Everything seems to be getting worse

It’s been a long few months my mom is sending me to traverse city for a group thing for girls 13-18 and i’m not from TC so i don’t know anyone and i’m super scared that i’m going to freak out and have an attack i hate meeting new people so much i’m not a sociable person so i don’t know what to do. I’m freaking out cause it’s this saturday from 9 a.m. to 5pm i’d rather not go but shes making me and i have no choice what do i do???

Bring someone you know with you this is what I would do. If nobody is willing to go with you then see if you could text them during the activity. It isn’t as good as someone you know being with you yet at least it is something. I also give myself breaks from the environment. I do increments of being alone for 5 minutes for every 10 to 20 minutes (more since I been doing it awhile yet when I first started out this was what I went with).

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I think MentallyIllGamer has the right idea. Take breaks and stay in contact with someone you know. Just give them updates about what is going on and let them know how you are feeling during the whole meeting. You got this, girl! Your HeartSupport family is here for you.
Love you!

@trying_to_recover Hey friend name is Morgan I am a intern here at HeartSupport and want to thank you for sharing whats going on. I want you first to look at your screen which I love. Trying to change is better than not. So i want to say you are awesome! I like what one person said above text one person you know once a day. I just moved to a new church and I feel like I am starting all over with my life… I hate it. I experienced stuff I had not dealt with since I a was young tadpole. (1st grade) aka making new friends. I was so confused and really bothered that it was actually difficult that I was not listening I was interrupting people and I wasn’t having a hard time connecting. It wasn’t until my best friend told me to just listen. say one small thing with a conversation with someone and let the rest fall into place. It has helped so much. Yeah its going to suck being in a new place but then again you are going to be in a new place and experience new things. That is sort of one of the things what life is all about. I recommend trying to not plug yourself into your phone so much. Experience something new even if you do not talk to anyone. I am a big people person but I know what it feels like when I am in a new place and new situation I sort of shut off. Once I leave I feel bummed that I never spoke up or connected. I hope you get connected and find someone to talk to there. Please come back and share how it goes!

but i don’t know anyone and it’s tomorrow i’m super nervous i don’t want to go i wish i had someone to go with me literally anyone. and love you guys too!

Anyone back home you can text while you are at it?

no mom won’t let me she thinks ill call someone and tell them to come pick me up

Oh shoot… well! We will be there with you in spirit!